Storytelling with Strategic Marketing Resources is different from scripted talking heads or copywriting for brochures or news releases. We uncover the stories about you, your products and the way people use them to lead better lives. As a marketer, it’s important to unearth real stories and bring them to life in a way that will touch the hearts or the funny bone of your customers.

Christopher Brantley has conducted thousands of live and recorded interviews and Marjorie Floyd has worked with businesses, nonprofit organizations, and high net worth individuals for decades.  We have helped to introduce hamburgers, architecture and engineering firms, kitchen appliances, banks, elevator systems, medical products, real estate, and so much more. What’s your story?

Company Overview Capture the capabilities of your company in a vibrant video. We will create a documentary-style video to engage prospective clients, employees and investors—and differentiate you from the crowd.

Celebrate your founder with an exploration of ideas, teams, and victories. Look back to the beginning and let SMR tell the story of your company’s journey to the present. 

We gather the details and frame the story to serve your purposes today and to provide an archival record for the years to come. 

Product Launch
Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression, make sure you hire experts to launch your new products. From national consumer products to local banks, we have helped to introduce products, services, people and companies.

Customer Testimonials
The old saying “People buy from people” endures because it is true. Raving fans are the best salespeople you can have. Capture your client’s enthusiasm for you and your company on video and share it on social media and on your website! When people are searching for what you do, be sure they hear about how well you do it!

Leadership Vision
Let SMR present you, and your vison for the company, in the exact tone and tempo you wish to convey. Annual meetings are a great example. They can build camaraderie, educate and recharge your team. Yet, too many meetings and conferences are deadly boring, redundant and a waste of time and money! Don’t leave it to the last minute or to chance. Let us package you and your message in an energetic and memorable video.


We used to call it employee orientation. It consisted of an introductory walk around the office, filling out forms with Human Resources and a nice welcome lunch. Today, orientation is onboarding, and it is turbo-charged. It begins with Human Resources, IT, security protocols, accounting and more, much more. 

We can produce a single onboarding video or a series of videos to not only help your newest team members feel informed but also welcomed and appreciated. You can focus on the meaningful inter-personal connections and making sure your newest team members are able to contribute right away.

Events and Tradeshows

Make the most of your investments in sponsorship and attendance at events and tradeshows with high-production-value video presentations that attract attention and deliver your message in the location and medium your audience is ready to receive it in.


Today's news programming uses content from a variety of sources. If you want your message to be in the mix, we can produce segments that fit the needs of local news desks while serving your purposes, too. Social media, conferences, website, email to investors—we will help you craft the delivery of your news.