As storytellers, we have sophisticated skills to make you look your best. Christopher Brantley has conducted thousands of live and recorded interviews and Marjorie Floyd has worked with businesses, nonprofit organizations, and high net worth individuals for decades. We don’t just speak business, media and wealth—we’re fluent.


Today's news programming uses content from a variety of sources. If you want your message to be in the mix, we can produce segments that fit the needs of local news desks while serving your purposes, too.


We engage donors, board members, community influencers and other stakeholders through the process of gathering stories, listening, recording and producing for events and your archives—the punctuation points in your world.


There are a thousand reasons why people give to causes that matter to them. Some donors choose to explain their intent in a written document. Even more valuable is a video profiling the history of that donor and why they give. It is meaningful to the donor, the organization and to the future. For example, if a donor endowed a fund for typing scholarships in the 1920’s (because they wished to help women have careers) and typing ceased to be a career in the 1990’s, the fund would also become irrelevant. If, however, it was recorded that the donor intended to help women have careers, the fund could be redirected for that purpose.

We work to gently bring out the memories with empathy, humor and sensitivity to the family who may participate or wish to view it.


SMR works with organizations who have specific missions and need to garner attention. You have a message that needs to be communicated so powerfully that it compels people to take action. We can create a multimedia campaign of various lengths for platforms that will engage and compel your target audience. We’re your team.