Welcome, inform and motivate! New employee orientation can be time-consuming and interrupt the workflow for everyone. Let’s be honest. Depending on who is managing the process, it can be inconsistent. When you make the considerable investment in a new employee, you need to be sure they are receiving an exciting and thorough overview of your company, the culture and the leader’s vision. You want them to know how they matter to the overall success of the operation and how much you value their contribution.

We can produce a single onboarding video or a series of videos that help you disseminate critical information about specific work functions, building safety and cyber security, document retention, confidentiality and non-compete policies. Video can help you with tougher issues as well such as sexual harassment, proper attire, hygiene in the workplace, etc. You can focus on the meaningful inter-personal connections and making sure your newest team members are equipped, informed and comfortable making the best contribution they can…quickly. Your current employees will thank you, too.